End Of Hiatus // 24th December 2011 // // 1 note 

Sorry about the lack of posting- I’ve been very busy with school.

In the meantime, Georgie has finally got a new project! Its previous name was The Class Project and it now appears to have been renamed Perfect Sisters.

Georgie has also recieved an award at her school Bradford Grammar. You can see the photo at Georgie Central.

More updates coming soon.

Interview with Noir Magazine // 27th April 2011 // // 9 notes 

What actors/directors would you love to work with?

I’d really love to work with Johnny Depp because I could learn so much from him and I respect him hugely. I’d also really like to work with Jesse Eisenberg because he’s such an amazing talent and he seems so smart. I think Jason Reitman is a fantastic director so it would be great to work with him.

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Whispers of a role in “Scream 5” // // 11 notes 

Okay, so this is probably just a rumour, or even a mistake, but it’s certainly interesting right? According to the Scream Wiki, Georgie is to play Hayley McDonald in Scream 5 and also appear in Scream 6. You can see the page here. Georgie is also listed on the Scream 5 cast list here.

We’ll keep you updated. ;)

UPDATE: It seems it may just have been a mistake after all, as the page is due to be deleted. Shame, we’ll just have to wait patiently for any new projects.

Georgie Henley and Ben Barnes speak about their fave movies!

// 22nd April 2011 // // 14 notes 

Naked Trailers | This Is Spinal Tap | The Wizard of Oz | Georgie Henley | Ben Barnes | Movie Trailer | Review

Georgie Henley and Ben Barnes speak about their fave movies!

New Easter Layout! // 16th April 2011 // // 1 note 

We’ve got a new Easter design up and running! We tried to make it as Springy/Summery as possible.

As many countries are finally getting their editions of the Dawn Treader DVD, I guess the Narnia era is ending (for Georgie anyway), so we’ve all got our fingers crossed that Georgie is focusing on her school work (and new projects of course!).

And finally, we’ve got a little tip-off that Georgie didn’t get the part in The Expatriate, but we think she did a great job in the audition videos all the same! We hope Georgie will get her big (non-Narnian) break sometime soon. ;)

Swords and Serpents: Narnia Boot Camp // 15th April 2011 // // 4 notes 

Main Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1377049/The-Chronicles-Narnia-Learning-cut-thrust-Dawn-Treader-crew.html

It sounds like the VDT cast had a right laugh whilst learning swordfighting (along with a few scrapes and bruises along the way).

In an article mentioned in the Daily Mail, it described how Will [Poulter] used to say sorry so much that eventually the cast were made to do push-ups every time he did! Ben [Barnes] also speaks about his swordfighting in the previous Narnia film.

DVD/Blu-ray News // 12th April 2011 // // 7 notes 

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is featured as DVD of the week in the British magazine, The Radio Times! It is featured at the bottom of page 47!


Birthday Project 2011 // 3rd April 2011 // // 40 notes 

As you probably know, this July will be Georgie’s 16th birthday. To celebrate, GeorgieH.com are holding a birthday project, where you can email artwork, poems and birthday greetings. Visit this page to find out how.

Be sure to send something in- I have!